Furry Creek

Golf Course Tour


hole 10

“hole in the wall”

Features a large green that funnels to the middle. A large rock wall to the left keeps the left rough soft so stay away.

Start the back nine with a birdie and enjoy one of the best views on the course!

hole 11

“granite grind”

Yes…another 3 shot par 5. Only a perfectly placed tee shot will let the longest hitters go for it in 2.

Aim at the sand with a slight right to left and you will be in the fairway avoiding the rock face left. If not, you will have to lay up to 100yds to get a shot at the elevated green.

This beast does not get any easier from there, the green is multi-tiered with everything feeding to the front. Good luck!

hole 12

“look out below”

You could go for it in one, but you could also score a 9. This is NOT the hole to choose to be aggressive. Lay up off the tee to the 120-150 yard zone. Then, carry the ravine to the green.

A solid approach will still reward you with a birdie chance.


hole 13

“blind man’s bluff”

From the back tees, this is the hardest hole on course. Aim at the pole to find your way. But it loses a lot of bite from the front tees. Hit the fairway, and you can go for the green. A tee shot to the right will catch the hill to the fairway, and putts also feed to the middle of the green.


hole 14

“tee to sea”

This is what you signed up for…our signature hole. But don’t get too distracted by the view because it is not easy!

In the morning, it will likely be peaceful and serene. If you are playing well, might be able to test yourself for birdie. In the afternoon, the winds will be up and 14 will be an angry version of itself.

Even hitting the right edge of the green can be a challenge…but may be the only chance to save par.

hole 15

“sleepy hollow”

Being the easiest non par 3 on course, you can still run into trouble left and right. Luckily, a wide fairway should allow for a chance birdie, and, if you play your shots right, the only eagle true eagle opportunity.

The green is large and forgiving only protected by bunkers front and left. Don’t let the name fool you…this is the time to be aggressive and get a stroke (or two) back!

hole 16

“shady lane”

Hit the green, and you could have two birdies in a row. Miss it, just take your par and move on.  Trouble right, and bunker left. 16 has a large green that feeds towards the front inviting a spinning approach to a front pin.

hole 17

“rock and roll”

Tee shots that find the slopes right or left will also tend to find the fairway. Most long hitters should be able to go for the green in two but an elevated green can make it tough to hold a long approach.

This is the only hole at Furry Creek where you can miss long and still have a chance at par. A large inviting green, but well protected. Play safe and still have a chance at birdie.

hole 18

“bring it on home”

Welcome home. A surprisingly large landing area at the corner but a tough approach to the green, although more experienced players could bend around the corner for a wedge into the green.

A multi-tiered green that will be tough putt from anywhere but also being under the patio…you will likely have a gallery. Don’t miss it!