Furry Creek

Golf Course Tour


hole 1

“drop zone”

The essence of Furry Creek… hitting into the unknown.

A 165 foot drop to the fairway below, is where the first hole gets its name, and will put you in great shape for an aggressive approach to a well protected green.

Try for the 100 yard marker at the widest part of the fairway off the tee to avoid the lateral hazard to the right and the only pond on course to the left.  A long iron most days will be enough.

hole 2

“easy does it”

Although it has a great view of the water and mountains, the first par 3 is heavily guarded by bunkers in front and trouble long, this multi-tiered green is an early challenge.

Luckily, a mid to short iron will get you home.

hole 3

“green mile”

It’s a long way home.

It’s a long way home on the “Green Mile”, but the landing area from the tee is wide. Avoid the bunkers right to set up a second shot layup. Only the longest hitters can go for it in 2.

You will have a blind approach unless inside 125 yards to one of the smallest greens on course. Watch for sand left.

hole 4

“on the road again”

The longest hole on course, and one of the toughest. Trouble left, a red staked lateral hazard, and for the whole length.

If you don’t hit the middle left of the fairway off the tee…might be tough to make par.  Take your medicine and lay up to 120 yards…NOT the hole to be a hero!

hole 5

“pitch & putt”


A nice break after #4. “Pitch and Putt” is the easiest hole on the course. But, this undulating green will still pose a challenge. Hit the right tier for the your only chance at birdie.

While you are here, enjoy the unique view of the Mt. Sedgwick glacier to the Northwest!

hole 6

“stop, drop & roll”

Stop, Drop and Roll”– The essence of a three shot par 5. Lay up to the 250 marker before the ravine. Lay up to 120 to 100 yards.

Aim for the center of the green to even have a chance at birdie.

hole 7

“tabletop mountain”


You can go for the green, but the uphill shot makes it tough to hold a long club. A large green, but with trouble on all sides. Risk vs. reward time…if you are playing well up until now, go for it!

hole 8

“high & dry”


This might seem like just another par 3, unless you are playing from the back tees. From the tips, you will have a left to right long iron or hybrid to reach the green.

Your miss is short with trouble right, left and long.

hole 9

“happy’s hole”

You go for this shorter par 4 in one, and you will likely see “the price is wrong…” Happy’s hole is there to birdie with a short approach. Just hit the fairway off the tee.

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